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Having a mobile phone in your pocket was pretty rare when cell phones were first released. It was not just rare but it was weird; carrying out a huge bulk in your purse or pocket that cost you a kidney and an arm already. However, as more and more technological advancements came out cell phones became cheaper, smaller and smarter. And then, they just turned smart while they prices began varying according to just how advanced the specifications were. But no, this article is not about how cell phones got their makeovers and turned from ugly Betty to Sofia Vergara. This article is related to what began to develop along the improvement of cell phones; Applications. Yes, as phones turned into touch screen devices with more in built spaces and high speed processors, many software houses began introducing applications of various kinds. One of these application types were specifically for messaging. These applications made use of your active internet connection to help you send out messages and make calls. Because using your sim card and number to send out SMS and make calls really can stretch out your monthly bill. For example, if you wanted to make international calls to your father who is on a job tour in Europe and will be unable to come back for Christmas a call from your smart phone would leave you with the inability to make calls and send messages whenever you needed to. Because even if you get a monthly package for international calls, it would still cost you more than you could afford on regular bases. Which is why, we have KIK; a messaging application that comes with the purpose of solving your crisis. And if you read ahead, this article will teach you how to download KIK on PC and work with it at a cross-platform level!

About 7 years ago, in the October of 2010 KIK Messenger was shared for the public as a freeware instant messaging application for your mobile. Whether your mobile phone is supported by iOS (6.0 or above) or Android, you can avail, download and install KIK Messenger on your device. KIK Messenger is a product of a Canadian company that goes by the name of KIK Interactive which offers free of any charge applications for any mobile operating systems. More commonly known as just KIK, this instant messaging application is exclusively available in English language. It basically uses your mobile phone’s wireless internet connection or data plan to receive and transmit messages (text), send out photos, videos, mobile webpage links, sketches and so on. All you need to do is create a username with KIK and you will be able to avail all its functions. Now, unlike many other messaging applications, KIK allows you a little more privacy. While WhatsApp and Telegram ask you to provide your phone number to create an account, KIK allows you to be more private and register without providing any phone number. This helps you save yourself from leaked phone number and spammers. The application simply confirms identities by your IP addresses when you make an account. According to KIK Messenger’s statistics conducted in the May of 2016, this instant messaging application has about 300 million users out of which 40 percent come from United States of America; mainly teenagers. KIK Messenger is a pretty impressive development by a group of students belonging to University of Waterloo, Canada. Because within fifteen days of its release, KIK Messenger was able to gain one million registrations and users. Whereas, Twitter (another social media application) helped KIK Messenger gain its popularity. A feature that attracted most users was its ability to provide you anonymity.

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In order to register for KIK you should have a first and last name, birth date, email address and you should be above the age of 13 years, and lastly you need to select a username. No confirmation through your phone number is required. KIK’s in built feature simply blurs out any message from strangers (anyone outside of your network!). You can also remove any offensive material or message sent to you and block the other user. You can now chat in full screen browser and share content directly from the web. You now have KIK codes which are basically unique codes for each KIK user that can be scanned by others in order to connect to you. KIK also includes bots in chats that basically help companies communicate with their possible clients!

If you wish to make use of KIK on PC and activate its cross-platform feature, you must follow the following steps accordingly!

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First thing’s first, you need to get KIK on your smartphone. Now KIK Messenger is available on Android and iOS. In order to download it on your phone then, the first thing you need to do is go to Google Play or Apple app store and search for KIK Messenger. Once it opens, simply accept the terms and conditions to allow KIK Messenger to download on your phone. When KIK will quickly install itself you need to then sign up If you do not already have an account.

When you launch the application on your device, you will simply click on the Sign Up button. This will open another window and in this window you will be required to provide; First name, last name, KIK username, Email address, Password, Birthday and you can set a profile picture as well. Once you are done, you will tap on the blue Sign Up button to make an account. This way you will enter KIK Messenger’s welcome screen. From this screen you can either select the option of “Find Friends” or “Not Now”. If you wish to find friends, KIK will give you the option of searching for their username or simply type in their email addresses to find them. However, if you wish to you can connect with complete strangers as well (Just remember to be decent and nice!). In your home screen you will also receive a nice welcome message by KIK Messenger’s team. Note down here that if you have any queries and questions, all you need to do is send KIK Messenger’s team a message here and they will help you out! Also, if you do not wish to add or upload your actual profile picture you can make use of Bitmoji that resembles you but also secures your personal photos!

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Now that KIK Messenger is all set on your mobile phone, we can move on to getting KIK on PC (mainly Windows 10 personal computer). Now, in order to use KIK on PC you need an Android emulator installed on your PC. For this purpose, you will be using KIK on PC through Andy- a popular and secure Android Emulator. With this you should also remember that you need a Google Play account since this is an Android emulator. So, if you do not already have one its time you make one to avoid any inconvenience.

Now in order to get KIK on PC, you will visit to download Andy on your desktop. The good news here is that this Android Emulator does not only allow KIK on PC but any other application that you might want to access on your PC! So, visit the website and when your browser loads it, on the page you will locate a green download button at the bottom. Clicking on it will instantly begin the donwlaoding on the setup file. The speed of this download will depend on your internet connection. So, if you have a slow internet connection you have to be patient!


Once the set up file is downloaded, you will click on it and it will begin installing. Soon Andy will be successfully ready for your use. On your PC then, look for the Andy application and open to launch it. At the bottom of Andy’s homepage you will see a circular button. This area contains all of your applications. Clicking on it will open a window will all of the applications. From this, you will click on Google Play. Now, remember how we told you that you need a Google Play account? Well, you will need it here specifically to begin using Google play. Simply log in to your account and it will lead you to the homepage of Google Play.

From here you will locate the search bar. In the search bar, simply type KIK Messenger and press the enter key. Click on the very first search result and then move forward with installing KIK. Soon, KIK messenger will be available on your PC and you will be able to operate it through Andy. When you will launch KIK Messenger, on the screen you will have the option of Sign In. Simply enter your username and password and you will be able to function KIK on PC!

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Using this really cool Android Emulator, you are now able to use your KIK messenger on your personal computer as well. Are you away from your phone and wish to send a message to your mother who is away on a trip? Simply use KIK from your laptop!

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